My artwork is based on durational, repetitional, excessive, and endurance drawings. Miniature drawing, or minuscule drawing elements become colossal art pieces through unique repetition of each mark. Most pieces contain tens, hundreds, and even million particularly chosen drawing elements. Each piece is founded on the exact idea, construction, and/or fact, which dictates, absolutely, every aspect of its technical execution.

          My early work is based on Being is a primary subject for the study and documentation of existence, of life itself. The conceptual research was based on being a Being, They am I, and being in time. Being a Being, explores re-experiencing and analytically perceiving fundamental self-existence. Through drawing, through the state of being oneself, one experiences oneself as the passivity of the self being given to the self. This naturally leads to an observation and analysis of one’s existential experiences. The intention is to consciously experience the experiencing self, thus to document one’s morphological and internal existence. Since Being is a superposition of many modes of being, one can and should only be explained by understanding all of one’s modes.  Considering that one must live through or experience that which is to be understood, my artwork is empirically constructed through exploring these different somatic modes of Being; from instinctive physical functions to immanent introspections.

They am I, focuses on outer influences on self-existence. Different modes of self-Being are explored by analytically observing the effect and level of impact of others on the personal Being and its existence. Past Beings, together with present ones, determine our own Being through the everyday exposure to their existence. We are what others are. To what extent is what is analytically documented and measured.

Being in time, is a documentation of existence. It is simply being in life. Being is a continuous state of passing. This series documents/marks this passing of time/life and being in it.

           My newer work is based on the Knowledge Shorts. Knowledge Shorts are collection of short sentences or paragraphs stating a scientific fact. The intellect is used for discoveries and understanding of the things-in-the-universe; for comprehension of life and self. Knowledge is a responsibility of a complete Being. Art is to reflect knowledge. Pieces based on Knowledge Shorts range from distribution of knowledge shorts cards, to materialization of facts through drawing. 

           The latest works uses copious repetition of a simple minute drawing element, a rectangle or a simplified portrait, which creates overpowering visual impact. The piece controls viewers’ perception and impression of it depending on if viewed from afar or from few inches away from the piece. When viewed from afar the serenity and tranquility of the landscape transforms into the tormented pile of humans when looked up closely, in the piece Humanity.

            A dot, a line created by dots movement, a plane created by lines movement is a perfect drawing tool for expressing my ideas. Regardless of the surface, drawing is an ideal medium for creating minute at the same time large art pieces. Also, drawing as a medium enables me to construct and execute a piece through time, process based works.

            The compulsive obsessiveness of excessive drawing, of quantities or gestures becomes a document of time and the drawing’s creation; it becomes a document of experience itself. When so constructed, the act of drawing allows me to re-experience existence, but in a slower and fully conscious way, so that perceptions become apperceptions.